Monday, March 18, 2013

colorful weekend

My weekend was filled with dye powder, soda ash and syringes as I created these 3 18-steps color wheels. One is in light, one is in medium and one is in dark values. I used Tangerine, Mixing Red and Mixing  Blue. Okay, I admit it has been some time ago since I dyed regular color wheels but with these 3 I should be okay for a very long time :-).


Areeba said...

Beautiful colours :)
Areeba @ Aree With Umbrella

Margaret said...

Okay, this is the 2nd time in recent days I've heard "Mixing Red" and "Mixing Blue". What IS that? I own 'Scarlet' and 'Sky Blue' and do my mixing with those (oh, and a 'Fuchsia' that Dharma ranks as one of their "primaries" or "true" colours or some such). Are these the equivalent?

Nienke said...

So you had a great weekend, that's for sure! Very nice!

Bj said...

Your fabrics turned out Great!!!!

I went to a bye class at one of the local shops once, I ended up buying over 20 yards of fabric that day, just so I could keep dying fabrics, Great Fun!!!!