Wednesday, February 06, 2008

assessment piece

For the Quilten Speciaal course I took here in the Netherlands, I had to make a final assessment quilt. In my case I should work with lines and structure. The picture shows the result. It is a wholecloth quilt. I handdyed the fabric and than stamped on it using Lumiere paint. The white and the black rectangulars at the left are made from lutrador on which I used my heatgun. For the quilting I used my favourite design which comes from Dijanne Cevaal's book. When everything was quilted I wanted to adjust the columns in such a way that they stood out more so I decided to add paint to them. For two of them I used copper Lumiere for the other ones black Setacolor transparant. And to complete it, I attached lots of different shaped white buttons on it. Chosing a title was the most difficult part. Friends mentioned words like ruins, Indiana Jones and tracks. This helped a lot. Out of this came the title: 'Montezuma's Mystery Trails'.


Corinne said...

Hoi Wil,
Je werk ziet er heel goed uit. Ben heel benieuwd, maar het is nu al heel gauw zaterdag. Je aboebe was ook heel erg mooi geworden maar ik denkt inderdaad dat dit meer geschikt is voor onze cursus. Zou je zaterdag ook de aboebe mee willen nemen, daar ben ik ook heel benieuwd naar.
Groetjes Corinne

Nelleke said...

Mooie quilt! Gaan we hopelijk zien in Arnhem.