Wednesday, February 13, 2008

research and quiltswap

No picture today. For my c&g course I have to do research on the last 200 years of quiltmaking in the Netherlands. There is only one author who has written two books on this subject:
An Moonen. Both her books have been out of print for years. I tried to find them second hand, but had no luck. She is working on a third one which is expected to be published in September this year. I managed to borrow the two books through the library system and am now in the middle of copying/scanning these books so that I have a copy on my harddisk.
Another thing - of which I cannot show you a picture yet - I am working on is a quilt I am making for the coming quiltswap. This is a yahoogroup of which I am a member. Twice a year we have a quiltswap on this group. Everybody who participates in this swap sends a picture of the quilt to the listowner who places the pictures on the groupsite. This way it is not known who the artists are. When all the pictures are there, every participant send a list of her/his favourites to the listowner who than starts to match everything. After this matching you send your quilt to the new owner and you receive another quilt in return.

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