Thursday, February 21, 2008

color families

What you see on the pictures above is the result of the new colorfamily I blogged about earlier. Each piece of fabric is 1"x1". All the 343 pieces of fabric are different while for all the colors only red, yellow and blue is used. I am not going to reveal the secret how to create them. To get to know this you have to take Carol Soderlund's class or wait till her book is finised.
After I took her classes last year a group of former students decided to continue making more color families. The fabric you see above I am swapping to 9 other people who in return will send me swatches of the colors they created. Taping all these swatches is not very creative, but to see all those gorgeous colors yummie.


Anonymous said...

I've taken Carol's class.
What were the three primaries you used for your swatches?

Anonymous said...

Ik zie nu wat je bedoelde vanmiddag, wat een werk heb je hier aan gehad.
I see now what you talked about this afternoon. What a lot of work.