Wednesday, February 27, 2008

monoprinting and ccrr

This week I was at my friend Mia's place to do some monoprinting. The pictures here show some of the results. For this type of printing I used a page protector which was cut open at two sides. Opened it and applied some textile paints on one side of the protector. Closed it and messed the paint around. Sprayed some water of it and placed the fabric on top of it. For each piece of fabric this proces was repeated several times. On the fabric on the left also some rollerpainting was done. I have heatset the fabrics by ironing it at the back. At the moment I leave them like they are, but it is possible that I will overdye them with procion. The contrast between the paints and the color of the fabric is a bit too much to my liking. At least I did not forget to take pictures this time :-)
This is a picture of the ccrr I got in the mail today. With my dyeing and my surface design group we are doing a complex cloth round robin. Four people work on the same piece of fabric before it is returned to the owner. This piece of fabric was rustdyed, screen printed and stamped. It looks so gorgeous. The only thing I could think of adding was giving the piece a light goldwash with diluted gold textile paint.


Anonymous said...

Jeetje Wil, je bent weer snel met je foto's. Zijn wel leuk geworden.
Ik ben druk bezig met famke en de voeten. De lappen zijn diep van kleur geworden. Dit weekend mijn blog verrijken met dit alles.


Judi said...

Your monoprinting pieces look great and I love the ccrr.