Thursday, July 03, 2008

nested round robin

Yesterday I was writing a list of the quilt commitments I have for the coming months and I ended up with a total of 8. That is the reason that you will see a range of different quilts as I am working on several at the same time.
This is a picture of the nested round robin we are doing with my dyeing group. Nested in this case means that the top does not leave my house. Every month we get a notice saying the colors which have to be used and the technique. Because of my vacation I still had to do June so I worked on both months tasks today. For the June row we had to use triangles in monochromatic colors while white/grey/black could be added. I had only dyed one medium value colorwheel and as I had no idea what dye powders I had used, I had to change the rules a bit. As color for the row I picked black and I fused random cut triangles on top of it. For July the challenge was to use a twisted ribbon with split complementary colors. I could have chosen to do a traditional twisted ribbon block, but I like to work more freestyle so that was not an option for me. I cut two ribbons out of fabric and fused them on top of the background fabric. On purpose I placed this twisted ribbon in only one corner. Size of the quilt till now is 18"x18".


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Judi said...

Great nesting robin!