Friday, July 25, 2008

two more journal quilts

For my journal quilt group I had gotten behind in making a monthly journal quilt so this week I had to do some catching up. This is the quilt I made for July:

I quilted the silhouet of the seed pods of the Lunaria annua (Judaspenning in Dutch and Honesty or Moneyplant in English) on a piece of handdyed fabric. The real seed pods I glued in between two sheets of mica. These mica sheets were glued on top of the quilt. Title of this journal quilt is: Trapped.
And this is what I made for June. I attended the Shibori Symposium in Minneapolis so it was suitable that I picked shibori as my theme for this month. The background is made from different sizes of strips from one shibori dyed piece of fabric. On fabric I printed names of a number of different Arashi shibori types. These I fused and stitched to the background. Some additional quilting was added.

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