Tuesday, July 15, 2008

White swans, black swans

The present theme for the Dutch challenge group 'De Uitdaging' is music and the theme for the English sistergroup is a person you admire. This quiltlet combines both themes. For music I picked a Dutch children's song called 'Witte zwanen, zwarte zwanen' (in English: White swans, black swans) and for the person I admire I picked Escher. The lyrics of the song are printed on fabric and fused to the background. Maybe I will give the fabric a light color as you hardly see the parts of the white swans who are in front of it. The swans are cut out of black and white fabric and also fused to the background.
The quiltlet is almost finished. I am waiting for a mold for a Victorian key. A sentence in the song is about England is closed and the key is broken. With clay I will make a key and 'break' it before I bake it.
Size of the quilt is 20"x20" or 50x50 cm.


Margeeth said...

Mooi geworden Wil. De muziek, is dat muziekpapier?

miekenoor said...

Dit is toch helemaal geweldig? Wat een vondst! En dan ook nog die combinatie van twee thema's! Schitterend!