Sunday, July 20, 2008


I came across some left over strips from my Start quilt when I was cleaning my studio. Throwing fabric away is difficult for me so I started sewing them together. When finished I had a strip which was longer dan an A4 (11,5"). I am a member of Afier - the Dutch journal quilts group - and in this group we all make a monthly journal quilt. For some reason I had gotten behind this year, but this strip of pieced fabric gave me the idea for my May quilt. You see the result here. I cut the strip so that it had wavy lines and stitched it in between white fabric. The quilting lines follow the same wavy lines. Simple but effective. The two round circles at the right are buttons which I glued on top of it. Finding a title for a quilt is quiet often the hardest thing. For this quilt I came up with the title: Scraps. I admit not very original, but it was the starting point for this journal quilt :-).

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Judi said...

Very nice Wil. Great use for scraps.