Saturday, July 11, 2009


I blogged about the M in June but I was told that the picture could not be seen. Therefore I have uploaded it again in this post. To read how I made the M go the post of June 24.

There are not many techniques or materials which start with an N. I settled for using netting as a template This netting I placed on a light blue hand dyed piece of fabric. With a foam brush I added lightly some halo gold Lumiere textile paint. Okay on some places I got too much paint :-). After this I lifted the netting and let the fabric dry. Next step was to iron some fusible webbing to the back of the fabric before I cut out the shape of the N. The fabric was ironed to the background fabric and stitched. As you can see my cats like to sleep on my fabric and yes they shed their hair on it.

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