Saturday, July 25, 2009

Experimenting with paint

On Corinne's blog I read about a workshop she had taken and that gave me inspiration to do some experimenting with paint. As they are experiments the fabric is A4 size (8,5"x11"). For the first one I started with a mainly yellow procion dyed piece of fabric. This I sprayed with water, crunched it and placed a hot iron on it creating all kind of wrinkles in it. With a foam sponge I dapped turqoise Golden acrylic paint over it and let it dry.

The next day I heatset the fabric by ironing it from the back. The fabric needed more color so I repeated the process of spraying it and wrinkling it again. This time I used quinacridone burnt orange Golden acrylic paint on it.

Next day I ironed it and this is how it looks finished (the picture turns up a bit too light, the yellow in the two pictures above is the real color):

This was not the only piece of fabric I played with. I also worked with this brown sunprint. Here you see it folded and dapped with the first layer of color quinacridone burt orange and nickel azo gold. I buy these paints from the US as I have no idea where - or if - I can buy them here. The colors are gorgeous!

Next day when I had ironed the fabric it was more interesting than the piece I started with, but it needed a lighter color. Again I folded the fabric - this time in the other direction, sprayed it with water and ironed it. The color I used this time was metallic silver from Lumiere.

I am not certain whether it needs something more, but this is how it looks now:


Anonymous said...

This is a very cool technique! I think I may try it for some oranges for the fractured flower...

Thanks for sharing it.


Thelma said...

Very interesting technique,,I like the results.

hannie said...

Heel interessant je proefjes Wil! Mooie kleuren heb je gebruikt! Ik ga volgende week 2 dagen bij Ella Koopman de workshops volgen. Ben heel benieuwd?

Judy Alexander said...

These are great fabrics. Will have to try some of these techniques.