Thursday, July 16, 2009

fractured flower

Yesterday I started working on the first section of the fractured flower project: the lower right. First step was to make a master map which I did using a Sharpie and a plastic sheet protector. The lines of the flower and leaves I copied onto the sheet protector. I placed the picture part on top of the fabric I had chosen for the background and carefully outlined the part and basted it. This way I am certain the piece will be the exact required size. Next step was to copy all the separate parts to freezer paper. As I am using the raw edge technique I could copy it to the paper side of the freezer paper using a lightbox. Maybe a bit difficult to see, but this is the sheet of paper with my templates
I had auditioned for suitable fabrics. My stash is rather large so I did not have to dye especially for this project. Although my supply of greens is going down. All the separate templates were ironed onto fabric. Before I cut them out I ironed the other side to Bondaweb. This part will be combined with parts made by others so it is very important that the pieces are placed exactly on the spot where they should be. If not the flower and the leaves will not match. And this is how it looks now:

All the pieces are fused to the background fabric. Normally I prepare the complete sandwich before I start stitching and quilting, but that is no option now. I intend to place some interfacing under this top before I start stitching. Stay tuned for the next step.
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Norma Soulet (AZArtist) said...

Lovely start, Wil. Can't wait to see the next steps. :)

hannie said...

Dat belooft weer iets bijzonders te worden Wil! Ik kan niet helemaal de bewerking lezen, maar ik begrijp,dat je de onderdelen eerst in freezerpaper maakt,en later appliceert?

pcoxdesign said...

Interesting! I love the concept and can't wait to see next step and the final piece! Good luck

Thelma said...

Looking great Wil! This is going to be so fun to watch.