Tuesday, July 28, 2009

fractured flower

And this is how my fractured flower looks now. All 4 pieces are done. On purpose I kept the centre of the flowers simple, actually I feel that there should be beads or sequins there, but if I put them there now, it would be more difficult to stitch the parts together. That is the reason that I kept them like they are. Same goes with thread play. That is also something that the owner of the parts can or cannot add. For now I am done with this project. The 4 parts are ready to be sent to the swap hostess who will swap everything somewhere in September. Yes, I have heard the word overachiever more often , but when I have a due date, I prefer to have it done way before that day, otherwise I get nervous :-)


hannie said...

Ze zijn prachtig Wil! Ik ben heel benieuwd wat je nu toegestuurd krijgt, om er weer een geheel van te maken,en verder te bewerken? Spannend!

Margeeth said...

Mooi geworden. Ik zag op iemands anders blog nog een versie van dezelfde bloem, die is meer rood.
Je bent geen 'overachiever' je hebt gewoon graag op tijd je spullen klaar. Mensen die je een overachiever noemen, die zijn gewoon jaloers!

Susan said...

These are interesting pieces Will. I will be anxious to see them when the pieces are exchanged and they are put together.
I was having a diffcult time getting a grasp of this process when you first started talking about it, but they are very interesting pieces.