Thursday, September 09, 2010

and more screen printing

This week I continued screen printing. This - a bit boring - red handdyed piece of cotton got cheered up by screen printing daisies using different color combination. The daisy was cut out of freezer paper. I used different Setacolors on it, some with shimmer, some transparent. The fabric is half a yard, full width.
This purple/pink sunprint got a layer of 3 different fern leaves. Each leave pattern was cut out of a transparency sheet with an Exacto knife. The sheets were taped to the screens with wide cellotape. The leaves look similar, but are slightly different. This fq was screen printed in different layers. For each layer I used different color combinations of Setacolor transparent paints.
This same design I have used on a black H200 fabric as well. This time with discharge paste instead of paint. I am guessing that my discharge paste was too old because the design showed up only very pale. Almost like a ghost :-). I will mix some fresh thiox and see how the results are than. Expect more pictures in a couple of days.

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Hannie said...

Prachtig geworden!Als ik het goed heb vertaald,heb je in het frazerpaper de bloem en varenblad uitgesneden?