Sunday, September 05, 2010

break down printing and bleaching/over dyeing

Yesterday I taught a workshop break down printing and bleaching/over dyeing. In the morning we prepared the screens for the break down printing and in the afternoon we clamped/wrapped fabric before it went into a bleach bath. After rinsing and anti chlor treatment the bundles of fabric were dyed with procion dyes. Next weekend the 2nd part of the break down printing - the actual printing - will be done. I forgot to take pictures, but luckily there are pictures on the blogs of Corinne, Mia, Hannie en Suze. Check back later, if the pictures are not yet uploaded. If you are interested in this workshop and if you are able to travel to Almere, let me know maybe we can plan something.

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viltariet said...

I love the stuff that Hannie made, just sawit on her blog!!! You're a genius! Love Riet