Sunday, September 12, 2010

screen printing

One way of doing screen prints is to use discharge paste or thiox in stead of paint/dye. On this black piece of fabric (H200 from Whaley) I started with discharge paste. After ironing it, the fern leave only showed up as a pale ghost. I had no idea how old my discharge paste was, so I screen printed again using fresh made thiox paste. Well, the result was the same. This fabric discharges to white using bleach, but it gives very little result with discharge paste or thiox.

I had to change which material to use, cause I still wanted to work with this fabric. This time I used Setacolor white opaque and a white shimmer and again the same fern leaves:

This time no ghost, but a visible print :-). At the moment it looks a bit empty, but more fern leaves will be added. The total size of this piece of fabric is 32"x60".


Hannie said...

Ik vind ze heel apart! De lichte ziet er heel mysterieus uit,en de donkere juist meer sprekend. Maar allebei bijzonder!

christina said...

Ik vind die eerste het spannends. Maar wanneer je er iets mee gaat doen dan kan dat weer helemaal veranderen he?!

mia de vos-weber said...

Hoi Wil, ik vind ze eigenlijk allebei mooi geworden. Misschien in combinatie te verwerken?

gr. mia