Sunday, September 12, 2010

art journal

My friend Kelly and I have given ourselves a challenge of making two pages a month for an art journal. Her theme is faces, my theme is seed pods. The rule we have with this challenge is that there are no rules! Any material, any technique is allowed. For my first page I used poppy seed pods as inspiration. I had printed these on fabric, but I also made a print in a sketchbook size roughly 8,5"x11". The screen print was a starting point.
Today I added black dots with a brush pen. Point learned: use a normal pen to create dots, with a brush pen, you get lines as well as dots :-). The dots/lines gave me the opportunity to add more details to the seed pods. With the screen print you only see the silhouettes.
Next step was to create a background. For this I used water color. Recently I have bought a pocket field sketch box. It contains 12 assorted half pan colors and a small water brush. And this little cute box is only 4,5"x3,5". This is so much fun to work with. I have never done water colors before, but making this page I had lots of fun. This is the result:


Kelly said...

BEAUTIFUL!! as usual, of course!

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

You will love art journaling. My favorite part is painting backgrounds. Have fun!