Saturday, September 04, 2010

screen printing

Screen printing is a technique I have played with before, but in spite of this I signed up for a class by Lyric Kinard with QU. My main reason for this is that it forces me to create some new prints and there will always be a new trick to learn :-). For this print I started with tearing news paper strips which I placed on top of a multi colored piece of fabric.

On these strips I placed my screen and pulled Setacolor transparant paint with a squeegee. I used a blue and green shimmer for this. The fabric was big enough to reposition the screen several times. With the third print two strips of paper had let go and I placed them on the screen again. Only upside down!! I saw this when I had made a fourth print with it. You can see it in the top row. Instead of a non printed strip, there are two printed strips next to each other. When I saw this, I cursed. Did I ruin a pretty fabric??

Fortunately not! When I turned the fabric around I saw that the printing had seeped through to the other side of the fabric. Luckily the two paper strips which were positioned wrong did not have enough paint on them so that had not penetrated through.

The fabric was saved and I could continue working with it. I added several prints using torn paper circles in circles. I don't know yet how I will be using this piece of fabric, but I love it!


Hannie said...

Zijn dit de drukproeven die wij in het zagen? Een heel proces om het zo mooi te krijgen?
Ik zal nog heel wat moeten oefenen om zulke resultaten te krijgen!

christina said...

Ik verheug me er nu al op in januari ook jouw lessen te mogen volgen. Want ik vind het zo heerljk inventief wat jij doet.