Saturday, August 30, 2008

journal quilts and papermaking

Every month I make at least one journal quilt. This month the total is three :-). A couple of weeks ago I saw a hedgehog walking through my garden. For me it was the first one I saw in years, but looking at the reaction of my cats, they have seen them more often. The picture above shows the footprints of a hedgehog.

The coming months I am participating in a journal quilt challenge organised by Suzanne. The theme for September is: 'Nature, your view'. For this challenge I am using one of the journal quilts I started in Dijanne Cevaal's workshop. Both journal quilts I started that day are now finished, including binding, sleeve and label. The one at the right is the one I am using for this challenge. Both journal quilts represent the fruiting body of the Fatsia Japonica.

And the last picture for today are some paper sheets I made yesterday. This time I used an aluminium mesh and this worked much better for getting the pulp out of the water than insect screen material. I added some Procion dye powder to the pulp, that is the reason that my paper is a bit pink/red.


Kelly said...

How cool! At least the journal quilt is cool. Not sure about the hedgehog. Do they cause damage or are they the cute little things I see in pictures that don't look like they would hurt a thing?

Do you have plans for your papermaking or are you just having fun playing?

Lorraine said...

I think you are a lot further along with journal quilts than I will ever be....but I am going to have fun playing and trying to achieve a result for September! love the hedgehog footprints!!