Saturday, August 16, 2008

paper making and fibre paper

For my c&g course I had to make paper. It was the first time that I did this and I must say it is a fun technique. I presoaked all kind of snippets of paper for a day, blended it this morning and use insect screen material to lift the pulp out of the container. This is probably not the most suitable material for it, but I could not find a metal screen for this. The pictures show two examples. On the one on the left I sprinkled some petals on the pulp, but unfortunately they did not make enough contact with the paper. On the one on the right I sprinkled the contents of a teabag when the pulp was wet. Luckily today was sunny so I could put everything outside to dry.
Another thing I did today was to make fibre paper. I used merino rovings in different colors and added decorative yarn and metallic thread in between the two layers. This is a bit difficult to see on the pictures, but believe me, it is there :-). As a 'glue' I used wall paper paste.

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