Friday, August 08, 2008

ALQS quilt has arrived

This spring Kate organised Another Little Quilt Swap in which I participated and today I received my quilt from this swap. It arrived late because the artist Lynda Monk - better known as Purple Missus - had to ship the quilt first to a photographer as it will be featured in Maggie Grey new book. Lynda made the quilt is such a way that both sides can be used as the front, see the pictures above. The quilt is 21"x21"(52 x 52 cm) and feels like it is made from leather. Isn't is gorgeous!! And it is all mine . Thanks so much Lynda for participating in this swap and Kate of course for organising it and making this match!
At the moment it is hanging at my design wall to be certain that it is out of reach for my cats. I know where I want to hang it, but somebody has to drill holes in the wall first for me.
Here are some pictures of details:


Littleflame said...

Wow They are beautiful.

han said...

Helemaal te gek Will! En heel bijzonder dat je in het gelukkige bezit bent van de quilt! Zonet heb ik ook haar site bekeken. Schitterend werk. Ik dacht dat de techniek die ze gebruikt. 'n soort(verouderen) Pentimento heet .Iets uit de 17 eeuwse schiderkunst. Maar prachtig.

Thelma said...