Sunday, February 22, 2009

Alphabet and Kiva

Through an email from Synnove - a fellow student with Pamela Allen's online class - I became aware of Kiva. Normally I would not post about this, but I believe in micro-finance and that is what Kiva does. By lending us$ 25 you will be able to help somebody and because it is a loan, you get your money back. So if you want to join, please do. If you don't know yet, I will put the banner on my blog so you can always find the organisation at a later day :-).

And as the main focus of my blog is about creativity I am posting today my 2-weekly picture of a character of the alphabet. Today it is time for the D of discharge. From freezer paper I cut out the shape of the D and ironed it to the fabric. With a brush I applied discharge paste. Removed the freezer paper and ironed it. I had the discharge paste for a long time before I used it and now I am a great fan of it. It is much more controlable than bleach. Only be certain that you do this in a well-ventilated area as the fumes are not healthy. My ironing board is in front of a window so I opened that when I was ironing it.


mia de vos said...

Leuke letter, en dat dischargen is hartstikke leuk ook op andere gekleurde stoffen. Ben van plan om te gaan schrijven met discharge maar daar moet ik een dagje voor plannen.

hannie said...

Mooi, dat effect van dicharge.Ik ben er ook een beetje mee aan het experementeren. Het is wel een akelig luchtje! Op klaargekochte stof lukt het niet altijd.
Interessant project van Kiva!