Saturday, February 28, 2009

And one more still life

I decided to give the still life I am working on for the 3rd lesson a break and started this afternoon working on the next lesson. For this one I want to incorporate what I learned during this class. One of these things is not to use one piece of fabric but cut it into different pieces and put these next and over each other. With this little 'trick' fabric becomes much more interesting. This picture shows you my first lay-out:

I am not yet happy with it. Background is made from black/white fabrics, bottles from zapped organza and the plant plus container is made from batiks. Right now the size is about 20"x20" and I think it is a bit cramped. Probably I will enlarge it. And hopefully by that time I also know what to add as an eye catcher, cause I think that that is missing at the moment. Any suggestions are appreciated :-)


mia de vos said...

hoi Wil, het ziet er spannend uit misschien de liggende fles van groen of blauw? of geen poten onder de tafel en dan het blad iets laten zakken?

hannie said...

Het is nog niet zo'n gek ontwerp!Misschien moet je het inderdaad even laten rusten. Kom je weer op ander idee? Een andere kleur erbij?