Sunday, February 01, 2009

Still life

About a year ago I took an online class with Pamela Allen (Think like an artist) and I loved it. So when I heard she would give another one I jumped in again. This one is called 'Still life is boring NOT'. for the first lesson we had to make a still life (not a big surprise vbg) using black and white only. Well I have a huge stash of b/w fabric as I love it. A lot of still lifes are with fruit, flowers, fish and so on, but I wanted to go into another direction. My choise was a more modern still life. This is the picture of my first lay-out:

Some things are okay but it was not complete. For an image of how a room looks after a party, it is way to neat. I am good at creating chaos in my studio, but this quilt needed it too. Pamela gave some suggestions and this is how it looks right now:

Much better. Some details still have to be changed and other ones will be added after the quilting, probably glued.


hannie said...

Het is weer een heel geslaagde compositie Wil! De stofjes zijn niet van gewoon katoen ,als ik het goed zie. Lijkt tricot of wol? Ik heb ook even op de site van Pamela gekeken. Heel bijzonder werk maakt ze! Was dit ook weer een online cursus?

Thelma said...

I like it Wil!I love seeing your works of progress,,you are so talented.

Judi said...

it looks great Wil, I love it. :)