Sunday, February 08, 2009

painted journal quilt

With my surfacing group we now and than make a journal quilt based on a certain theme/principle. This month it is: painted journal quilt. I thought I would share with you how I have created mine. The first step is to get an idea what to create. I decided to make something in the art nouveau style. One of my source books is '4000 Flower and Plant Motifs' by Graham Leslie McCallum. In this book there is a selection of art nouveau pictures and this is the one I have chosen. I enlarged the picture and copied it to transparant quilting paper. This paper I placed on top of my fabric sandwich. I used orange and green thread and quilted following the lines. After quilting it looked like this:
Removing the paper and hiding the thread ends works great when watching telly :-). The following picture shows how it looked after doing this:
At this moment the journal quilt was ready for the paint brushes. With a brush size 2 I filled in the areas which needed coloring. I worked with Deka silkpaints, Pebeo setacolor and LumiƩre textilepaint. Here is the result:
This journal quilt is almost finished. I only have to attach a binding. Because of the small size the piece does not need extra quilting in the background. The fabric I picked for the background is another piece of shaving cream dyed fabric.


Judi said...

another great piece! I love it.

mia de vos said...

Oh maar dit is leuk werk. Volgens mij was het saaie tv.

hannie said...

Een heel mooi quiltje Wil! Leuk,om je manier van werken te bekijken. Ik heb nu ontdekt hoe ik het kan vertalen! Soms geeft het een hele rare vertaling. maar over het algemeen is het me nu duidelijk!