Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I was quiet for a couple of days as I had not much to show. Some bindings needed to be handstitched and other stuff like that which is not worth showing. However today I could find some time to make something new. I had treated myself to a new cell phone. My previous one had a cord attached so I could wear it around my neck (most of my clothes don't have pockets) but this one did not. Of course I could put my new phone in my bra, but I decided to make a small purse for it. The fabric I used for this is made by my friend Kelly. I quilted it with spirals, stitched it together. Satinstitch was used for the edges and a small piece of velcro is added so that the flap can be closed. Size is 4"x4,5" (9,5x11 cm).


hannie said...

Echt een "hip" tasje Wil. Gezellig zo'n tussendoortje!

Karen said...

Very nice Wil I really like it.