Thursday, February 12, 2009

another still life

This week the assignment for Pamela's class is to make a still life with muted (grayed down) fabrics patterned in a stripey or linear way. Luckily my stash is rather large so I selected all the suitable fabrics and started working on the background.

For the background I used 3 different batiks. Not one piece, but several pieces of the same color are used to. I had written down several ideas to work with and settled on an impression of a room. Focal point is the chair which is based on the peel design chair. With a chair you need a table and some light, don't you? These were added and some other extra stuff. The blue spot you see on the chair is a book. At the moment it is only made from 2 layers of fabric, but I will add some hand made paper or real paper pages before this quilt is finished. This is how it looks now:

It needs a bit of tweaking which I did after this picture was taken. Next step is machine quilting it. Size is approximately 16"x24"(40x60 cm). Title of the quilt is 'Reading'.

1 comment:

McIrish Annie said...

what a super job! how long did you spend on this? I had done one for a class and spent far too much time on it. I always wonder how long others spend creating something.

the pieced background makes it far more interesting