Tuesday, February 24, 2009

One more still life

Another week, another lesson with Pamela. This time the focus of the still life has to be on texture. I decided to go for flowers. All the flowers you see on this picture are made in different ways. Both the vase as part of the background is folded fabric. On this picture you see my first attempt. The stems of the flower are all the same length - I have changed that now - and the setting is missing something. In other words it is simply dull. So consider this picture a work in progress :-). I have added some more fabric to the bottom and to the left to enlarge it. This way there is space to add more items and at the same time the vase with flowers is not so much in the centre of it. It is not yet ready to have a picture taken. At the moment it is placed on my tables and not all the items are attached to it. Tomorrow I will continue working on it and hopefully have a fresh picture on my blog later that day.

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hannie said...

Hoi, Wil. Misschien oogt het beter als je een enkele bloem zonder steel bij de rand van de vaas plaatst? En de stelen ongelijk van lengte? Geeft meteen een ander effect! Blijven proberen,tot het naar je zin is. Komt zeker goed!