Sunday, January 10, 2010

Art cloth

Not much to show after a week of silence :-). I committed myself to an art cloth challenge on one of my yahoo groups. It is due in August so I have enough time to work on it. And that time I will need as this piece of fabric is 5 yards (4,5 meter) long. For the first step I dyed it using a mixture of turquoise, sun yellow and fuchsia. Color 316 to be exact for the readers who have taken Carol Soderlund's class. Normally I rinse and wash by hand, but this time I used my frontloader.
For the next step I am going to discharge. On the picture you can see that I have tied lots and lots of rubber bands around the fabric. If I only knew where I had put my anti-chlor.


hannie said...

Ik ben superbenieuwd Wil, wat er uit te voorschijn komt?

Ruth Anne Olson said...

That's my problem right now, too. Where's my anti-chlor? I look forward to seeing this piece of fabric when you're done.

mia de vos said...

Het ziet er wel heel erg spannend uit.