Saturday, January 23, 2010

art cloth

Some time ago I showed my 5 yard piece of fabric wrapped with rubber bands. After the discharge I wanted to apply different colors of dye to it. I knew that doing this on such a big piece of fabric would be challenging and yes it was, even more challenging than I had expected. I just could not see which portion got enough dye and which one did not. This is how the fabric looked after the batching, rinsing and washing:
Not the effect I was hoping for. The turquoise discharged very subtle, but the applied dye had not penetrated deep enough. This meant overdyeing. Last Sunday I scraped the snow of my roof terrace. The snow in my garden was gone, but the terrace faces north and because of that still had some snow. It was enough to fill the container with the crunched cloth. Poured two dye mixture over it -both were green one light, one darker - and let it batch. After the batching, rinsing and washing the fabric now looks like this:
Better than it was. It is now waiting for the next step.


Margeeth said...

Mmmm, ik vond de versie voor het oververven ook al heel mooi. De overgeverfde versie is weer heel anders, als je me zou vragen welke ik het mooiste vond dan zou ik het niet weten denk ik.

Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

I like them both...but when you have something in mind it is nice to get it to that stage. A very gorgeous piece of fabric Wil

hannie said...

Ik zou echt niet weten welke ik het mooiste vind, voor of na het oververven? Ervoor was het al heel bijzonder. En daarna zeker ook!

Ruth said...

I think it looks good. I like the snow dyed pieces on your previous posting, too.

Kelly said... you gotta admit....snow is wonderful sometimes!!! LOL!

The piece is wonderful by the way. Not at all what I had expected!