Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ice dyeing

For a new project - my final assessment for the c&g diploma course - I need a lot of fabric. The quilt has to be at least 60"x60" (150x150 cm). The brief has been written and the starting design has been made. Besides dyeing fabric I have to make some samples to find out what is the best technique for what I want to create. For the dyeing of today I used mainly turquoise. A bit of fuchsia and sun yellow was added. This varied between 0,01 and 0,1 gram compared to 7 gram of turquoise. You can see the subtle color differences on the pictures below:

For technique I used ice dyeing. Put a soda soaked piece of fabric in a container into your freezer. Take it out the next day and pour the dye mixture over it and let it batch. After the batching I put it into the microwave just to give it a boost. As simple as that. And you can do it the whole year through no matter what kind of weather you have :-)


Art by Rhoda Forbes said...

Beautiful ice dyeing. I like the idea of freezing the fabric, a little less messey thana the snow dyeing tech.

Margeeth said...

When your freezer isn't stuffed to bursting with food.
Nice fabrics.

hannie said...

Een goed resultaat Wil! Mooi!!
En dank je voor de beschrijving van de werkwijze!

mia de vos said...

Natuurlijk eerst de etenswaren eruit en de diepvriesdozen met stof kunnen erin. Bevriest eigenlijk de stof met soda goed?

Dahn said...

Hey Wil--Supposedly turquoise is a colour that doesn't work without heat, so it is not supposed to work for snow dyeing. But it sure works for ice dyeing!

Trust you to make that colour just sing on your piece! :-)

Kelly said...

Quite subtle differences! Again, some beautiful work.