Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Art quilting book

During my holidays the mail brought me this book:

This book - written by Linda Seward - is indeed the ultimate guide. If you want a book which combines all the techniques there are for art quilting, this is the book to buy.  Normally I start on page 1, but this time I went to page 93 first as one of  my quilts is shown there:

I created this quilt in 2012 but on purpose I did not blog about it. Keeping a secret can be difficult :-), but at last I can show the quilt. It is made from a part of a hand dyed piece of fabric. With snow dyeing you never know how the result will be and with this half yard I was very lucky. The quilting and seed beads highlight the patterns of the fabric.


Beth said...

Congratulations Wil. You women in the Netherlands are certainly making a name for yourselves in so many publications.

Margaret said...

Congratulations, Wil!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Worth the wait - what a beautiful piece.