Friday, July 04, 2014

fabric and concrete

Fabric and concrete is not a combination you would think of, but I had fun with this experiment and I think it works rather well :-). I did some hand embroidery - or maybe making marks is a better word for it - on some small pieces of fabric. The fabric is hand dyed and the embroidery thread is pearl cotton. When they were done I wanted to do more with them. I stapled them onto stretched canvas and than it was time for the fun part :-). I mixed some concrete with a bit of water and acrylic paint. Normally concrete is grey and I wanted a more interesting color. Painting over the concrete after it had dried would be difficult as I did not wanted to paint the fabric. Mmmm, I might do this with another test piece.
Anyway I discovered that it is easier to mix a darker color of paint with the concrete than a light one. In the first picture I added pink acrylic paint to the concrete, in the second one blue acrylic paint.
Next step was to use a credit card to apply the concrete to the fabric. On purpose I applied the concrete uneven. When it had dried it was a bit more even, but the texture is still visible. Each canvas is 8" x 8". Here are the pictures:

Sorry, but I forgot to take pictures before I applied the concrete. I think this is an experiment which turned out rather pretty. They are not complete yet. I think they will benefit if some embellishments are added.


Beth said...

Now that is a first for me and a very successful (and fun) experiment!!

Carmina said...

Very nice, I like the stitches, are well matched...