Monday, July 21, 2014


Most of the time I am working on multiple projects. This way I can vary different techniques. For the last 6 weeks I have been working on this tree:

It is grey lutradur with a batting under it. And as you can see on this detail photo it is not my normal technique, but I have been hand embroidering this one.

When it was hanging on the design wall it was easy to add the branches to it, but when that was done I moved it over to the place where I wanted it. It is now glued onto a door in my hall way:

Glueing something on a flat surface is easy, as long as the surface is horizontal. Glueing this tree on a vertical surface was rather difficult :-)


Margaret said...

I can see why mounting that piece on the door would have been challenging -- but it was oh, so worth it. Very effective!

Beth said...

I like your technique and love both trees and bringing them indoors. Great concept!