Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Drip dyeing

It is always fun to play with a new technique or with a twist to a know technique. Here are 2 pictures of fabrics I dyed using the drip dye technique. Both are roughly 0,5 yard pieces. 
For the first one I used cloth pins to hang the fabric landscape wise and applied the dye with a syringe. I started with the yellow one. Sprayed some extra water on it, so that the paint could drip down over the fabric. After some time I turned the fabric around and did the same with the blue paint. Where the colors met they created the green.
 For the second one I did it differently. Again using the same blue and yellow. This time I put one part of the fabric in a container with yellow dye and the other one in a container with blue dye. After some time I checked the fabric, but not much had happened. I did not want to wait to see if some more mingling would happen so I dumped the fabric into another container and let the dye do it's work like that. And see what result I got:
It turned out into a gorgeous piece of fabric. Using the same colors of dye I got 2 completely different pieces of fabric. Takes notes is something I easily forget. I know that the blue I used was intense blue, I am not certain which yellow I used. Probably golden yellow.


irene macwilliam said...

Fascinating. Love the second piece.

Beth said...

Great stuff!! Don't you just love experimenting!!!

Margaret said...

I think the surprise results are always the most fun, eh? :-)

Carol said...