Saturday, July 26, 2014


After having the same jacket for a number of years, I wanted a new one so I started looking both in shops as well as online for a new one. The only ones I could find in my size were trench coats in either grey or beige. Hmm not really what I was hooping for. The option which remained was to make one myself. That way I could pick the model and the color I wanted.  Dharma sells a pfd denim and of course procion dyes in every color you want :-)

Garment making is not my hobby, but I know how to do it. I stitched the jacket using a cotton thread and when it was done, I tied balls in it with rubber band. Soaked it into soda ash and put it into a big container. The next step was to put lots and lots of ice cubes in the container as well. No idea how many, but it was the biggest bag they had at the gas station. The next day all the ice cubes had melted and it was time to put the jacket into the washing machine. This is how it turned out.
For colors I had decided upon teal, turquoise and aqua marine - in total 8 oz. By using different colors within the same color range, you can create depth more than when using a single color.


Celia said...

That's amazing!

I know what you mean about the lack of choice in coats. I was looking for a raincoat in the spring - grey, beige, khaki, none of which did anything for me. Plus most of them had draw cord waists, which don't flatter my figure. I decided my old one could last a bit longer.

Beth said...

What a wonderful jacket. It is a show stopper not to mention a one of a kind. Great work!

The Idaho Beauty said...

It almost looks like it was sunprinted - that cyanotype kind. Pretty nifty.

Rebecca said...

Lovely. Another benefit of using a certain range of color is that you avoid those awkward spots where complementary colors come together and create muddy colors.