Saturday, July 19, 2014


Last month I created several pieces of fabric, which will keep me quilting for quite some time :-). With soy wax and a partly cut bristle brush I prepared a screen for printing. For the first fabric I used a blah snow dyed fabric which definately improved with this print. No idea yet what I will do with it.

Another piece of fabric was a long strip. I printed 3 purple circles on it and for the 2nd layer I used a golden metalic fabric paint. It is serendipity that the blue and pink showed up. A surprise I really liked. After the fabric had dried, I gave it a light silver/white colorwash.  I quilted this using - again - circles and this is how it now looks:

Here is a detail:

No idea yet what the title will be. I understand that when people work in series that they number their pieces. Not very original, but much easier than finding a new title every time again :-).


Margaret said...

Love your circles on circles!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I like the subtlety of your circles piece, the overlapping quilted circles in particular. Yes, numbers are not particularly inspired, but it's a place to start. Years ago I decided to work with squares in various grid configurations and decided to call it my grid series. So each quilt was numbered sequentially but most also conjured up clever titles too so the quilts got named Grid Series #whatever: Clever title. If no clever title emerged, the quilt still had a name - its series number.

Beth said...

I too am a circle girl. Love them and I love the circle quilting as well!!