Sunday, December 14, 2008

complex cloth

This week I have been working on 2 pieces of complex cloth. This is a swap from my surfacing group. A piece of fabric is send to another member who adds something to it. This is done in total by 4 members. The 4th returns it to the owner.
This blue fabric is now finished. It started out as a snowdyed piece of fabric. Than bubble wrap was used with white Lumiere paint. Third step was to add snowflakes with Jaquard paint. I did the final step. For these spirals I used freezer paper as a template and silver paintstiks.

The orange fabric was dyed with marigold, dusty rose and a bit stormy greay. The second step was done by stamping with Lumiere copper. I added another stamped layer to it by using bubble wrap cut into the shapes of leaves and using antique gold textile paint. One more step will be done to this fabric before it is returned to it's owner.


The Idaho Beauty said...

More great results! These look so well done, real thought going into the additions. Some complex cloth really is quite awful imo because just any old thing gets added, or so it looks.

hannie said...

Ik vind je experementen prachtig. Wat een goede ideeen heb je altijd!
Fijn om regelmatig op je blog te kijken!