Friday, December 05, 2008


Normally I like playing with paint because it means that I am working with textiles. Not this time. At the moment I am busy repainting my walls and ceilings. I really needed a different color scheme. So the coming time I will not be able to show you much creative stuff, as this painting is going slow. Anyway I can show you these pictures of before:
and during:
About 1/5 is done. When I feel I have done enough for the day, it is very easy for me, to just leave everything as it is and for instance read a book. I don't care whether the room is a mess at that time or not, I need a break:-)


hannie said...

Heel mooi geworden de wand.
Een hele klus! Weer een heel andere kamer toch!

Judi said...

love the change in color.

mia de vos said...

Die wil, geen lapjes maar meters muren. Leuke kleuren die je nu aan het kwasten bent. Komen die schilderijen tegen de blauwe muur? lijkt me een mooie eyecatcher.