Saturday, December 13, 2008

Ice dyeing

Ice dyeing is a variation of lwi dyeing. The soda ash soaked fabric is put into a container and put into a freezer till the next day. For these 2 pieces of fabric I started with a red dye - don't know the exact name anymore as I have thrown the empty container away - and on the left piece a bit of mustard. After batching and rinsing the pieces looked like this.

They had a bit too much white to my liking so I repeated the whole proces again. On the left piece I used again mustard, on the right piece sun yellow and this is how they looked after batching and rinsing:

Much better, don't you think?

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mia de vos said...

vriezer? ik neem aan dat je de verf en stof in een doos in de vriezer zet? wat leuk. Denk je de boerenkool te pakken is het geverfde stof.
Wat is het verschil met gewoon verven?