Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Forest quilties

As you might recall I participated in Lenna Andrew's forest quilties swap and today the mail brought me 4 quilties from this swap.
The quiltie on the left is made by Darlene Kihne from South Dakota. What I love about this quiltie is that it has 2 layers. The top is a photo printed on extravorganza. this is attached with eyelets to a photo printed on silk. The quiltie on the right is made by Lise Saether from Norway. Lise used lovely autumn colors on it. Incorporating snippets of fabric and angelina covered with organza and free motion quilted it. The internet world is small. On Lise's blog I saw that she also participated in Kate's ALQS2 swap and the Textured Surfaces class given by Carol and Lynda.
The quiltie at the left is made by Marianne Baugher from Maryland. With the quiltie Marianne enclosed 3 little baggies with feathers, seeds and some snake skin (I think). A lovely thought. The quiltie at the right by Vicki Jones also from South Dakota. Vicki stitched yarn representing aspen trees on the quiltie. The fabric she used had photos of trees printed on it. Large sequins are the fallen leaves.
Thank you ladies for participating in this swap.


Judi said...

You got some wonderful pieces there. I like all of them.

Lise said...

It's indeed a small world Wil!!Thanks for your kind words about my first quiltie ever! I receieved yours today - lovely work!!Will post a photo on my blog later.

Lenna Andrews said...

SO lovely to see your post, Wil! It has taken me awhile, but I finally found your blog address and got to visit your blog! Thanks so much for all the wonderful fabric art you have created for my creative swaps. You always come up with interesting out of the ordinary & beautiful designs!

lenna : )