Thursday, December 25, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap

To say no to a quiltswap is difficult for me :-). The recent one I joined is organised by Margaret and this 5th Four Seasons Quilt Swap is a monochromatic one. My partner - whose name has to remain a secret till after swapping - likes blue and red and wants a wall quilt in honour of her favourite season winter. Size has to be between 16" and 20". This is how I started:

Each block is 4"x4". They were joined into this:

The background is finished. It is to represent a winter sky, blue with just a little bit of color as the sun is rising.

I did some googling and found pictures of frost on the window. One of these pictures I traced onto a plastic sheet protector and enlarged this to the size I needed. It is a bit difficult to see but this is the enlarged paper pattern. I copied this onto the paperside of bondaweb and fused this to a very light blue piece of fabric. I added some diluted white/silver paint to the fabric to give it a bit of a shimmer. The rest of the afternoon was filled with cutting out all these tiny pieces. But it was worth it. Here you can see the result after I fused it to the blue background:

The next step will be to fuse the top to the batting and backing fabric and to free motion quilt it. According to the rules of this swap I am not allowed to mail it before February 15 so there is lots of time for this.


Ann J said...

What a great efect Wil - I am sure your partner will love it, lucky girl (? !) Hope you're having a good Christmas and all the very best for 2009 !! ...Luv AJ

Purple Missus said...

What a great idea for the 'frost' Wil. Has really made the quilt look extra special.
All the best for the New Year.

mia de vos said...

secret partner??? ik ben niet nieuwsgierig, maar.....