Saturday, December 27, 2008


The Dutch sistergroup of the Challenge Quilts - De Uitdaging - has at the moment the theme 'gold'. For this challenge I decided to start with a black piece of fabric. I had no specific plans to start with, just followed what the fabric asked for.

The first start was made by cleaning my roller brush on to this fabric :-). For something else I had used antique gold textile paint and there was still some on my plate when I had finished working on that fabric. So after step one the fabric looked like this:

For step two I used my funky spiral templates with gold paintsticks. This is how it looked:

Looking better but not yet complete. I spend some time with a pair of scissors and bondaweb, fused the result to the fabric and ironed gold foil on it.

I think the fabric is now ready to get fused to the batting and backing fabric. For step 4 will be quilting through golden lutrador and zapping this. And of course quilting the other areas as well.

Pictures will follow later.


McIrish Annie said...

YOu are doing some incredible stufF~ I love the challenge quilt. What more could you ask for? creativity after a dry spell. your piece definitely visualizes that thought.

Purple Missus said...

Another wonderful piece Wil - even as it is. Look forward to seeing the finished result.

---nan said...

Great piece, Wil - I'm curious about your spiral plate. Is that something you made? I really like the tile effect it gives.

Suzanne said...

What a wonderful piece you have created, even unfinished!