Thursday, December 18, 2008

painted bondaweb

Yesterday I experimented a bit with painted bondaweb. On the paper side of the bondaweb I copied the spiral I used for one of the recent ccrr's and numbered all the pieces. The next step was to paint the fusible side with thin paint. I used a yellow and a blue/grey silk paint. When this was dry I cut out all the small pieces of the spiral - now you know why I numbered all the pieces :-) - and fused them to black fabric. This picture shows you how it looked at that stage.
The piece of fabric was big enough to cut it into two pieces of 4"x6". I used some gold metallic thread to stitch around all the individual spiral parts and did some echo quilting with black thread. This is the result:

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The Idaho Beauty said...

How did you keep the fusible from wrinkling up from the paint? Maybe bondaweb reacts differently from WonderUnder.