Friday, January 02, 2009


With one of my surface design groups we are going to work our way through the alphabet this year. Every 2 weeks we will focus on a character and use that as inspiration source for a surface design: technique, material, image whatever, you get the picture. I have decided to use black fabric as background for all of them. For me they will all be 4"x6" and I am going to use the shape of the character as well.
For the first character I decided to use angelina. I placed 2 orange/pink/reddish color in combination with a bit of gold between baking parchment and ironed this together. Next step was to cut out the shape of the A and stitch it to black fabric with some batting. This is the result:
I must admit that I have already created 6 characters, but I will show only one every two weeks.

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