Sunday, January 11, 2009


Why work on one metamorphosis quilt when you can work on two :-). Besides the split nine patch I also started working on another changed traditional block. For this quilt I will be using the hexagon used in Grandmother's Flower Garden, but the shapes of the hexagon are distorted as you can see on the picture of the drawing. The drawing is inspired by a picture of poppies, one of my favorite flowers. When you make the traditional GFG block it does not matter which one it is, as they are all similar in size. You just have to make a zillion of red ones. With the distorted hexagon it is different as they are all unique in size. For this reason all the paper pieces have their own number. When the fabric is stitched to the paper I will pin them temporarily to the drawing before I can start stitching them all together. I am a huge fan of machine piecing, but this one will be pieced completely by hand.

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