Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Knotted resist

There are many ways of using a resist. Complicated ones and simple ones. The one I used today is a simple one. You just tie a couple of knots into a piece of fabric. When you use for instance a fat quarter, this might be a bit difficult, but with a narrow piece of fabric it is easy to do. For the fabric you see on the picture I started with a green fabric out of my stash. I have no idea which color I used to create this. I tied it into 5 knots and put it into a dye mixture I made from 1 ts/cup of Blue Violet. After a couple of hours of batching - and of course rinsing, washing and ironing :-) - it looked like this:

For everybody who keeps track of my alphabet, guess what I will use for the K????

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Judi said...

Another great piece!