Saturday, January 03, 2009


As I mentioned earlier on this blog I have been working on a challenge piece with the theme gold. Since the last pictures I showed here, I have added lutrador to it and quilted it. After I added the golden lutrador and had it stitched I zapped it with my heat gun. Most of the quilting was done with gold metallic thread, on some areas I quilted with black cotton thread. This is the final result:
I made this quilting going with the flow and I must say I really like the result.


mia de vos said...

ik schreef het al op de site van de uitdaging, het goud straalt je tegemoet, en dan zomaar beginnen? Moet je vaker doen.

Purple Missus said...

It looks amazing Wil, well done. When you say 'golden lutradur' do you mean you painted it gold or can you buy it that colour already?

hannie said...

Ik had het al gezegd,bij "De Uitdaging" Een prachtig quiltje is het geworden. Vooral door je toevoeging van Lutrador! Zo zonder voorop gezet plan gaat het ook!