Thursday, January 08, 2009

more plastic & mail

I did some more experimenting with plastic and this is the result:

Although it does not look like a quilt, it still qualifies for one :-)) as it is made out of 3 layers: 2 transparancy sheets and sheer fabric as 'batting'. The transparancy sheets are connected with eyelets at the corner. I quilted it following the shapes of the petals. With the aid of a burning candle I changed the squarness of the plastic sheets a bit and at the same time I burned the edges of the sheer fabric. This way it looks a bit more organic. This 'quilt' is now hanging in front of my studio window.
In December there was a give away on this blog. I left a comment and to my surprise I was selected as a winner of one of the books they gave away. Today the mail brought me this book:
I have not yet read it, but no doubt it will give me some ideas for future work.

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Susan said...

Very interesting technique Wil. Enjoyed catching up on your blog and your other projects. Like the gold piece too.