Sunday, January 04, 2009


The theme I picked for my c&g diploma course is decay. There are lots of natural and urban decay so depending on the assignment I have to do I can choose one of them. This time the assignment was to work with plastic - in combination with decay. I went through my pictures and decided to work with decaying tulips. I printed pictures onto transparancy sheets in two different sizes and started from there. For the green one I wanted to explore the different effect the background fabric gives in combination with the transparancy sheet. For one example I placed yellow and red fabric onto the fabric - cut out in the shapes of the petals like this:On top of that I placed the transparancy sheet and stitched the contourlines of the petals. This I repeated with another sheet placed directly on the green fabric. The result is here:

The top one is much duller compared to the one which has the yellow/red fabric under it. Sorry for the reflection of the flash.

The same picture I printed on a sheet in a bigger size. This time on A4 (roughly 8,5"x11"). The background fabric was this time a yellow/red ice dyed piece of fabric which I had quilted using a traditional tulip design. Sorry, but I forgot to take a picture of this. On this sandwich I placed the transparancey sheet and again stitched the contourlines of the petals. Of the two samples I made I prefer this one above the green one. Here is the picture:

I like the way you can see the quilting lines through it. They give depth to the whole composition.


hannie said...

Wat je nu hebt gemaakt vind ik geweldig! Ik snap het verhaal niet helemaal. Maar ik begrijp, dat je thema iets met vervallen,verwelkt heeft te maken? Voor jou werden dat Tulpen. Heel goed abstract weergegeven.

ANNA said...

Brilliant work!! Where are you doing your diploma? I have done several C&G diploma's and non used plastic - I'd love to see a syllabus

mia de vos said...

wat een aparte manier van tulpen maken, toch maar eens goed lezen wat je precies gedaan hebt.


mia de vos said...

Ik kon er maar niet achter komen wat decay betekende, maar ik heb het gevonden. bij zoeken op google afbeeldingen kwamen nl verrotte tanden tevoorschijn. Het is nu duidelijk.